AB68,  AB1215, AB1447 / AB 1534 BHPH Updates Included! 


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New Buy Here Pay Here Laws 
Reason for Buy-Here-Pay-Here Legislation
When are you a Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealer? 
When are you NOT a BHPH dealer?
BHPH Dealer May Not Require Payments in Person Except for Down Payments
AB1447 Limits of use of GPS After the Sale 
When is it OK for a BHPH dealer to use a tracking device?
Optional Tracking Services are Separate from BHPH Laws 
AB1447 Limits of use of Starter Interrupt Devices After the Sale 
Important Bureau of Automotive Repair Issues
Minimum Components That Must Be Covered
Buyer’s Guide Must Indicate Components Covered
Market Value Label Requirement
Location of Label Requirements
Illegal Waiver of Limit BHPH Laws
Where To Find Additional Information About BHPH Laws?
Consequences for Violation


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1.  Is your class the same as other online courses?  

We believe our course is better than other "online courses".  With our class, you instantly download the entire course.  You can print the course and read it, or you can read it on your computer.  With other online courses, the course is like a computer maze that requires you to navigate through it.  Also, other online courses track your time (with our course - you track your own time)  With other courses, there is also the risk of computer or internet malfunctions, which may require you to re-start the course.  Our course is simple - download it and read it!

2.  How and when do I get my certificate?  

We go to the post office every business day.  Expect to receive the certificate via first class mail in 2-3 days.  First class mailing is FREE.  If you need the certificate sooner, overnight "Express" mail is available.

3.  Is your home study course valid in California?  

Yes.  We are an authorized dealer education home study provider in California.

4.  What if I don't pass my test?  

After you take our course, you will take a 40-question test based on what you read.  You simply fax us the test you took.  You must score 70%.  Most people pass the first time.  If you fail, we will supply you the results with explanations of the wrong answers.  You will then have another opportunity to take the test again at no charge, until you pass!  No re-take fees!  After you pass, we will mail you a certificate. 

5.  Who can I call if I have questions about the home-study course?  

If you have questions, you are welcome to call our home-study hotline at


6.  I'm not good with computers, what should I do?  

You can always have a friend assist you with downloading the course.  If a friend or a computer is not available, we can send you the course priority mail, for a small additional charge - Call to order.

7.  After I download the course, do I need to start reading it right away?  

No.  With our course, there is no "time clock", and no need to log in and out of the course.  You can download the course and open the file and start whenever you like.  If you need a break, you can even shut off your computer and when you turn your computer back on, you can simply re-open the file to see the course again.

* (Note:  In some cases "overnight" delivery may not be overnight.  With any carrier, there is a daily "cutoff" time for packages to be sent overnight.  For example, let's assume you submitted your test results on Monday at 3:30 pm, and we spent 30 minutes to grade exam and prepare certificate, and made it to the post office at 4:15 p.m.  However, the daily cutoff time was 4:00 p.m. in order for the post office to guarantee overnight delivery.  The result is that you would receive certificate on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.)

8.  Who is authorized to take the course?  

DMV policy requires either the owner or corporate officer or LLC member take the course.  THE DMV NO LONGER ALLOWS SALES MANAGERS TO TAKE COURSE - Participant must be part of the ownership structure.


9.  I only want one course, but every time I click to order, the quantity increases.  How do I change quantity back to only one?  

Easy.  Click "Basket Contents", which is located in the upper left corner of your screen.  Then change quantity to 1.  Then click "Update".  Then click "Checkout"


10.  Where do I mail the Renewal Application and/or Certificate?  Where can I download the renewal form?  How can I contact the DMV about my license? 

About 90 days before the expiration of your license you should receive a notice for renewal. After you complete the renewal paperwork, you will need to mail your renewal form, certificate (if required) and fees to the DMV address listed on your renewal form. 

If you lost or did not receive a renewal notice you may download the renewal form.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD RENEWAL FORM:  Application for Renewal of License OL 45 (PDF)

If you're not sure if you need to renew, please call your Inspector. (If you don't know who your Inspector is, go to and type "Inspector" in the search box) 

CAUTION:  If your dealer license is almost expired, we recommend taking the renewal application, certificate and checkbook DIRECTLY to your DMV Licensing Inspector for immediate processing (If you don't know who your Inspector is, go to and type "Inspector" in the search box)  Your Inspector can also issue you a temporary permit to fax to the dealer auctions while you are waiting for your renewed dealer license and dealer plate tags in the mail.