Dealers License


The first dealers license advantage is the ability purchase cars from private dealer auctions at or below wholesale.


The second dealers license advantage is the ability to purchase wholesale vehicles directly from large new car dealerships at private closed-bid sales. (A closed-bid sale is similar to a dealer auction, except the bids are placed into envelopes and opened up the next day.)


The third dealers license advantage is the ability to sell as many cars as one wants.  Without a dealers license, the state restricts how many cars a person can buy and sell per year.


The fourth dealers license advantage is the ability to use dealer plates. This generally allows dealers to drive around their inventory for business or pleasure without registering the vehicles into the dealers’ own names.  This is one of the best benefits of getting a dealers license.


The fifth dealers license advantage is not dealing with private parties when looking for a car to purchase. At a dealer auction, dealers choose between hundreds of cars all in the same day - all because you have a dealers license.  

The sixth dealers license advantage is the prestige of owning a business.


The seventh dealers license advantage is the ability to receive discounts.  Many auto shops, paint shops and parts stores, etc. offer dealer discounts. If you have a dealers license, you may also make tax-free purchases for resale.


Clearly, there are many advantages to getting a dealers license.


Please do not sell cars without dealers license.  People who sell with out a dealers license often choose not to obtain a dealer license because they think getting a dealers license is too costly, when it actually is not.