I took the test on Thursday and passed with no errors. Thank you.

-Jeff C.

Hello. I got my Education Certificate from your Dealers License School. Thank you VERY MUCH for it. You are great teacher! All my questions were solved. 


 I passed my test! Got 40.  Thanks!

                               Rick H.

James, Very informative class on Sunday. I must let you know that

I did shop around and call 4 other dealer licensing programs.

Your class was excellent.

-Jim O.


I just sold my first car under a dealership. Its exciting. Profitable too. Thanks bro you da man.

- Rob

Hey James-

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I aced the DMV test. Didn't miss a one. Thanks for your help!!!

- Jeff Y.


I took this dealer course for my dealer license.  Now my business has grown from a small office to a 50 car lot to date.  I give this course two thumbs up.

- Romulo L   MNM Auto.


I had fun, you teach a very informative, non-boring class. 

Thanks, Ryan B.


Dear James,

I recently attended your Dealer Education Class. 

I was very delighted with what I learned and the smart tips advice you
gave during the course. Unfortunately, I had attended another dealer
education course last year but I left the course still questioning the
dealer process and the knowledge required to pass the DMV inspector exam.

The course you offer is professional and very informative. I commend you
for outlining many helpful specific aspects for getting into the
auto dealer business. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend any of my
friends who are interested in obtaining a dealer license to attend your
class in the future.

Once again, thank you for your efforts and the information provided in the
course. I feel very confident that I will not only easily pass the DMV
examination but also be ready to conduct a reputable dealer business in

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Dia H.


Hi James,

Just a note to tell you that I passed my exam this morning 39/40...the one
mistake was all mine...showed my age...transfer fee is $15...I remember it
to be $12...oops!

Your class was all pro.. all the way...very well done!... I'm a single Dad
w/ full time job and also finishing my Junior College degree, so your class
really cut valuable time for me. Thank You! I hope to use profits
to pay for my Law education like you did.

- Mortensen

This course was straightforward and to the point. None of my instructors in business school nor medical school were this clear,
thorough and concise. My score on the DMV test was excellent, and I am now well on my way to a financially rewarding journey. 

- Peter P.

Hello James

I was in your class about two Saturdays ago. I took the test and only missed 

- Osbaldo C.

The class was very educational as well as helpful on my steps to becoming a dealer.  James was very informative, helpful with all questions and extremely knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to start a car dealership.

-  Jason D.

James had many inside tips that only an experienced dealer would know

- Vincent D.

marilyn lobreto wrote:

> I took your dealer class and I wanted to
> let you know that I passed the DMV test with only 1
> error. You covered all of the questions that were on
> the test.

> Thanks, Marilyn L.


The class was great and the information provided was even better. I just signed up for the test...thanks for the hint. 

Thanks again!

Hayk G.