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How to Get Used Car Dealers License


If you want to know how to get your used car dealers license, look no further!

Get your used car dealers license!

Welcome!  I'm James.  We are  looking forward to showing you the car business.

O.K., we all know everyone claims to be the best.  Here are some reasons why we believe we are the best:


1.  I'm very qualified and have what it takes to offer quality education.  I'm an attorney familiar with dealer laws, I have former teaching experience, own a car dealership and have been a leader in the area of dealer consulting for 15 years.

2. All instructors, including myself, are experienced in the dealer industry. 

3. I KNOW the business.  I have an active dealer's license.

4. We understand your goals.  We know that most students want to get into the auctions as fast as possible.

5. You will pass the DMV test guaranteed.  Most students get near perfect or perfect scores.   If you do not pass, you may re-take class free.

6.  We have been teaching dealer education for over 11 years.  Beware of new "fly by night" seminars.

7. I specialize in helping people get a dealer's license the fast and easy way, by meeting the state's minimum requirements.  

8. We're friendly, motivating instructors.

9. Class includes a handout filled with info to help you pass the test and free "No Cooling Off" and "Inspection" signs to post in your office.